Meet Jay Kinsel from USA in Summer 2011!

Jay Kinsel

Jay Kinsel comes from Texas in the USA. This summer will mark his third year as World Campus International’s Production Manager. He has been a part of the last 15 WCI sessions.

Outside of World Campus International, Jay Kinsel still works hard theatrically. He is the Technical Director for The Studio School in Thornton, CO and spends a lot of time working on various projects. Most notably, he had his Off-Broadway, New York directorial debut in February with “The Ruin”.

He has a passion for travel and learning and honestly believes that the world can be changed.

Jay Kinsel is honored to be asked back to work with WCI at a time when we are so clearly needed.

Meet Alvaro Martin-Mazorra – participant in summer 2011!

Alvaro Martin-Mazorra


My name is Alvaro Martin-Mazorra, but you can call me Alf, Alfie, Albi or whatever you can come up with!

I am a 2nd year Japanese language and culture student at Leiden University, the Netherlands. I am Spanish but I was born in the Netherlands and mostly raised here, safe a couple of years in Spain.

My interest with Japan began when I was around thirteen and since then it has expanded to an academical level. Learning Japanese at University (or by yourself, as well) might be fun, but the problem is that you still don’t get to experience Japan to it’s fullest, which is why I decided to join World Campus – Japan this summer!

I think it is a great opportunity to not only immerse oneself into the language and culture of Japan, but also into the people. Of course I am not only doing this for academical reasons, for I find that in doing this program I get the chance to go out of my comfort zone and meet new people, not only from Japan, but from other parts of the world. Also my love for food plays a little role here as well! Jokes aside, I hope to be able to make the best of this program and I can’t wait to meet everyone this summer!

Kind regards,

Meet Rianne de Rijke – participant in summer 2011!

Rianne de Rijke

Hello everybody!

My name is Rianne de Rijke and I’m 24 years old. I live in Rotterdam in The Netherlands and I’m studying Japanese language and culture at Leiden University.

This year will be my second time travelling to Japan and also my second year with World Campus – Japan program. I will participate in the session 1, so I will be going to Omura in Nagasaki and Omuta in Fukuoka.

Last year I had loads of fun meeting new people from all over the world and staying with my host families. I also learned a lot about Japan and about other countries. What I enjoyed the most was doing the Thank You event with everyone and going to local schools to play with the children and learn about education in Japan.

For this year, I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I also hope to have as much fun as I did last year and to learn even more, especially about the education system, since I hope to be a teacher some day.

See you in Japan!

With love,


Meet Yui Mihara in Summer 2011!

Yui Mihara


My name is Yui and I’m the Operation Manager for the 2011 World Campus – Japan program. Logistic and communicating with each local organizing committee on the road with the General Manager, Hideto Yasui is my major responsibility. I will also work closely to other managers to assist their areas and will be the interpreter. Osaka is where I come from and one of the places you may get to experience this summer.

I worked for WCI last summer and it became an invaluable experience in my life. The experience and people I met on the road gave me an opportunity to rediscover my own country, culture and my own values.

Working with people from various nationalities domestically and internationally in the past dacade taught me how to understand each other, yet to still accomplish personal and common goals. It’s a great challenge that I always enjoy. I appreciate diversity and have a big passion for meeting people especially with youth. It will be something I’d love to pursue throughout my life. Traveling, dancing and painting are things that can always please me and delight my life.

I hope this experience will not only give you a bigger knowledge about Japan, but also about the world, new perspective upon life and yourself to find more paths to follow and more doors to open!

Welcome to Japan!
The adventure is about to begin and I’m so thrilled to meet you all!

Yui Mihara
(Operation Manager in the Summer ’11 Road Team)

Meet Alenna Cheng in Summer 2011!


Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to be a part of the team. I am from Taiwan. My name is Cheng Yi-Ting. I am 22years now. My friends call me “Alenna” or “Umi”. I will be the External Relations Intern for the 2011 World Campus – Japan program, and I am very willing to share a good time with all the participants and partners, and I will learn and work hard in order to make a successful program.

My major in my university is “Japanese studies,” and I also take a lot of English courses, too. I have been working as a volunteer in National Youth Commission, where I learned the happiness of helping people and how much I love meeting people from the other countries.

Thanks to World Campus International for giving me the valuable opportunity to get to know people from different countries and share my own culture. I love Japanese culture very much. I will do my best to create beautiful memories with you guys.

I can’t wait to meet you all, the excellent participants and partners.

Alenna CHENG
(External Relations Intern in the Summer ’11 Road Team)