What am i doing?


On this day we had the opportunity to learn a lot about the environment. As always in World Campus – Japan, the experience turned out to be way different than we expected. In the morning we were told we were going to learn about Yatsu. Yatsu is a place where different species of plants and insects live and its being preserved by an environmental group in the city of Abiko. We walked through the Yatsu and observed the area.

Once we got back we created different types of collages with material that we collected at the Yatsu and talked about each of them with our team. Then we played a fun trivia game to win points for our teams, the questions had of course an environmental focus.

We for sure learned things that we never expected to know, like the fact that a Styrofoam cup takes 400 years to decompose while an orange peel takes only six months. We also learned fun things like the fact that an average child uses 6000 diapers through his lifetime. 🙂 who would have known.

After all that it was time to do something more serious and an activity that was going to make us think about what we do every day to preserve or damage the environment. We took a test that tells you exactly how many worlds you need to sustain your lifestyle, and as we know, we only have one world! Check out this link, take the test and start thinking about what you do to yourself and to the environment every day.


We finish the environmental day with a very visual activity that we will talk about on the next post. Very interesting to know that if we think of the earth as an apple we would be doing less things to damage it.

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