WCJ Helping Toride

Sake Factory

The town we spend this week at is called Toride, a City located right outside of Tokyo, about an hour train ride to it. Toride has the beauty of a small town, lots of nature around, super green but with all the benefits of being very close to the big city…Tokyo.

Our first day in Toride was a very busy and interesting one because we had a very special task to complete on a very short amount of time.

The idea was to make promotion material for four different stores in the area that have been around for more than 100 years and because of the developing of the City, they have been losing clients and the town’s citizens have lost interest even though they are one of a kind store in their own business.

A Sake Factory, a Japanese Season’s Dolls Store, a Pickle factory and a Shovel factory.

After having a tour an explanation of the business from the owners we went off to create the promotion material.

World Campus – Japan participants enjoyed the visit, learned about their business and the products they make and tried to make the best promo material possible to improve their sales. We hope our work meets their expectations because we enjoyed it 100%.

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