Visit to Senriyama Daini elementary school

Day of activity: July, 1st

Hello everyone! My name’s Arno and I’ll be telling you about my first day in World Campus Japan. After arriving, I found myself to be very lucky about my anointed Osakan host family. They’re amazingly sweet, caring people and I feel very good with them.

After a well-deserved night’s rest, we went to a local primary school to meet fourth- and fifth graders. Not only I, but also the kids, were greatly looking forward to this! I played a rock-paper-scisor game with about 100 fifth graders (and lost miserably: I need to brush up on my game-skills!). Had a great time! After that, the celebrity treatment started during lunch: we World Campus Japan members have probably never been studied so diligently by dozens of kids while failing with chopsticks until now! They were very shy, but I started speaking to them and was amazed with their English level, they’re good. I also spoke Japanese with them, and after one day already, my Japanese seems to be improving.

The food was actually quite delicious, contrary to what I’m used to in Belgium. Somehow, though, the kids even beat me at finishing their plate before me… painful but funny!

Today was a very interesting day! All the various encounters and new friends I made really help me expand my horizon. I’m looking forward to Thursday!

Arno Ceriez (Belgium)

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