Visit of a special education school in Omura

We visited a special education school in Omura and it was a really interesting visit. The kids were super excited to see us, and they had prepared a lot. First we talked to a teacher, who told us about the history of the school, how it is run, and the curriculum. It was really nice to learn about, to see the differences and similarities between Norway and Japan when it comes to special education schools.

Afterwards we talked to the teacher, and then we played ‘Alele’ with the students, which was really fun because the students were all super excited about it.

After that we were all divided into 3 groups, and my group left with the 2nd graders to go to another room. In this room all the students introduced themselves in English, and I was surprised at how good they all were, because most Japanese people I’ve met aren’t that good with English.

We then played a couple of games with the students, and after that, it was time to leave.

Line Haavik (Norway)

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