The path of the ninja is challenging and… wet

Group photo of new ninja graduates of WCJ Session 2
Group photo of new ninja graduates of WCJ Session 2

Today we had a great deal. First we helped with the beautification of the area near the Akame waterfalls by shovelling out the drain on the side of the road. Everyone did their best and because we were with more than 20 people, we were done in no time. The workers, who could be count on one hand, were extremely thankful for the help that would have costed them allot of time by themselves.
Now it was time for some fun! We walked down along the road, and not that much further we stopped at a small shop. This shop, however, didn´t sell your usual souvenirs. No, they sold a “ninja experience”! This was the community’s thank you gift to World Campus – Japan.

Soon, we were all dressed up in colourful ninja suits and ready to go. Our “sensei” ninja guided us towards the forest where our first challenge awaited us. Three high wooden walls rose up in front of us as we arrived to an open spot in the forest. Agile like a cat, the guide jumped over them and gestured us to try the same. The first two walls being the lowest, almost everyone managed to jump over it. The last one, however, only half of us managed, including me! Yay.

Then, it was time for some shuriken throwing! Again the guide showed us how to do it as we lined up to throw the ninja stars into targets made of wood. This was so much harder than it looks like in the movies!

Last but definitely not least; to complete our ninja training we had to cross a river. From hopping stone to stone to walking on thin planks, we all managed to get across. But we were not done yet! We arrived at a place with a rope spun across the river, and a little floating rubber with a board on top of it. This was our final challenge: we had to stand on top of the float and use the rope to drag ourselves to the other side of the river. However the float was extremely unstable, and the guide told us that usually only half of the people make it to the other side. One by one we tried, and one by one we all fell in the water, except for one participant, Vladimir!

After all, we were kind of glad we were such bad ninja’s, because the water was cool and refreshing. In the end, we all still got our ninja-training certificate!

Fleurtje Meijer, The Netherlands

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