Spring 2009 Toyota Company Visit

asking questions at Toyota visit

a Toyota hybrid car

A stay in Toyota city would not be complete without a visit to the mega car manufacturer that the city is named after. After a tour of one of the highly efficient automobile plants, World Campus – Japan members had a rare opportunity learn about the international corporation through a question and answer session at the headquarters of Toyota.

We learned a little bit about the company philosophy of Toyota that makes it one of most successful businesses in the world. Quality checks occur throughout the production process insuring that defects do not spread beyond one machine. This practice of jidoka is really effective as some defects can be hard to detect once the machine is completed. Toyota also uses the “just-in-time” production strategy. This allows the company to limit the production parts to what is require at the moment. In addition to reducing storage cost, this strategy also allows Toyota to quickly implement any changes to the actual part without having to clear out inventory first.

It was very interesting to hear about all the social projects Toyota is involved in. Even though it is not purely altruistic, it is still remarkable to see such a large company practice “corporate social responsibility” on a global level. Toyota gives back to society by heading up or supporting programs in education, environment, and arts and culture in countries that they have a large presence in.

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