Spring ’09 Kansai Area Graduation!

Graduation: Eric from Luxemburg

Graduation: Shoko from Japan

The end of the first session of the Spring ’09 tour also means the end of the journey for a few participants. Before they return to their normal lives however, a graduation ceremony was held in their honor. A certificate signifying the successful completion of the World Campus – Japan program was presented along with a highly prized “Thank You” card.

“You are all part of the World Campus Japan family now. You are welcome back anytime.”

Shihoko (Japan), Shoko (Japan), Herbling (Kenya), Eric (Luxemburg), Nozomi (Japan), Kyle (South Korea), and Lily (Denmark) thank you all for your great contribution to our program! Employ the skills learned from World Campus – Japanand enjoy success in all your endeavors!

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