Small actions, big results!

Tombo House

From the bus we could see the faces of the residents of Tombo House (House for handicap people) who were already excited to have us there, even when we were still inside the bus.

As soon as we got off the bus, they gave us a very warm welcome, they were ready to start the interaction and so were we.

World Campus – Japan members played a few traditional japanese games, the one on the picture was the most competitive, fun and hard one. Some of us were successful, some other just enjoyed watching others try.

The bottom line was not the actual games, it was about the happiness we were bringing to the Tombo House residents by just spending a good hour playing and interacting with them.

Sometimes we forget how important the little things in life are but in days like this i remind myself to enjoy those little actions because they could lead to amazing results like the one we had that day at Tombo House.

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