Shy? not so much after all.[/lan_en]

Middle School

Some members of the community of Ueda got together to teach us how to cook Soba Noodles (Buckwheat very thin noodles that you can eat cold or hot)

Of course we started by making the dough for it and adding all the ingredients. After the dough was ready it was time to stretch it and cut it as thin as we could. We made the dough, cut the noodles, cooked them and ate them. They looked more like Udon noodles (thick noodles) but the taste was great, to give ourselves some credit. 🙂

After this awesome time we the community, we went to Kita Middle School for an hour of interaction. This time we really took advantage of those 60 Minutes we were given to get to know each other.

We introduced ourselves, danced sang and had an amazing time together. The students, usually very quiet and shy when it comes to interaction, specially with foreigners, really opened up and enjoyed the activities we planned for them.

They were dancing and signing with us like one big group of friends. Results like the one we had that afternoon with the middle school students are the reason we do our best to interact and to make it fun, not only for the students at the school but also for ourselves in World Campus – Japan.

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