Shishi Mai

shishi mai

Shishi Mai or Lion Dance. Awesome way to start session four of World Campus – Japan in Tama City. A welcome from the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) with a Shishi Mai Dance. Tama City is located very close to Tokyo as well as Toride but on the west side of it.

The Lion Dance involves a person dressed as a lion with a lion head and all, accompanied by music played live. The group of performers jump around, do a few steps but the best thing of all… the lion pretends to eat your head at times. He walks through the audience and “Eats” people’s heads as he pleases. It is actually a sign of good luck or a wish for good luck if the lion “eats” your head which it happened to many of us.

That night we also met some of the amazing university students that were going to spend part of the week with us. Not only to hang out but to take us on a really cool Metropolitan tour of Tokyo. (Next post)

Great beginning for Tama!

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