Sharing the pain

Shoringi Kempo

Today, we started our 4th day of the program with Nagasaki’s beautiful rain. Actually, at this moment it’s rainy season in japan especially in Kyushu island areas, it rains a lot. Although, it was heavy rain, it couldn’t prevent us enjoying today’s special event, one of the Japanese martial arts: Shorinji Kempo.

We started our day with the introduction about shorinji kempo and its history by Omura city’s proffesional master who has been practicing it for more than 20 years. Shorinji kempo is a discipline that develops individuals with 3 benefits: self defense, spiritual cultivation & health improvement. One of the wonderful life-long lesson that I learned is the quote by Doushin, the founder of Shorinji Kempo.

“Half for one’s own happiness, and half for the happiness of others” (半ばは自分の幸せを、半ばは他人の幸せを) doshin.

Personally, it was my first time to experience the Japanese unique martial art, shorinji kempo, where you don’t fight for winning or breaking down the opponent but only for self-defense, thinking and acting with equal consideration for others, with Shorinji Kempo you learn to share your learning experience including the pain.

After lunch, One of the greatest moments of the day was experiencing the shorinji kempo. We learn the basic technics and tried to use them with the masters and students. It was great to see that its technic has little to do with how strong you are but how well you perfom them”

(Sean-ショーン – Uzbekistan)

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