Saving lives

Emergency Training

The paramedic program at the university of Kokushikan, university well known for its sports activities, is a very intense program with many great teachers and very committed students. We visited the university and met with about 20 paramedic students from different levels of their education.

That morning we learned about how to give CPR to a person which was a lot of fun, we got to see inside an ambulance and even play a little bit with the equipment. It was a good morning to start with but the best part came after the CPR training when we had time to discuss about their reason to become paramedic, also their interest and daily life routine. This last one includes very much work and studying and very little sleep, not much exercise and lots of junk food. No wonder why the life expectancy for paramedics in Japan is the shortest of all careers.

To continue with the conversation, we did an activity where we asked questions and the people there had to place themselves around the room according to their answer. Some of the questions were, would you move to another country? do you like the place where you live? would you marry someone from another culture or religion? do you believe in marriage? and the last question was, do you believe the world will be a better place in ten years?

It definitely helped us understand the values of the Japanese young generation and the differences & similarities we have as people.

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