Preserving the future

Eco Nico Center

First official day of session four… we started with a very different kind of tour. The tour of the Eco Nico Center. A fascinating garbage facility that serves the City of Tama and two more cities in the area. 80 staff members work at this facility; 60 directly in charge of the disposal of the garbage and 20 in the administration area.

You might think that Eco Nico Center is just a garbage facility but it is more than just that. At Eco Nico Center they are committed to preserving the environment by using different systems to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

They run the facility following three main principals: To reduce the burning garbage by reusing and recycling, to burn the garbage with higher temperatures so they reduce the germs that come out of it and to take as many resources out of the garbage as possible.

Japan, as we all know is a very small country if we consider the amount of people that live here and they don’t have too much space available to dump the left over ashes, so, Eco Nico Center besides all the efforts i mentioned before, they also make what they called eco sand made from the combination of cement and the ashes that are left after burning all the garbage. They use the Eco Sand for construction works and also for blocking Tsunamis.

The City of Tama is determined to recycle and reuse as much as possible, not only because they understand the importance of the subject but also because it is very encouraged by the local government to reuse, recycle and educate about the subject.

Interesting fact we learned on our visit to Eco Nico Center… Did you know the Brazilian Soccer team uses uniforms made out of plastic bottles?

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