Personal day shenanigans in Suita

Osaka tower at night
Osaka tower at night

Hello, my name is Magnus and I’m from Norway.

Today we had our personal day in Suita. We were all excited for this day. A lot of people did different things such as going to the Osaka-castle. In this text I will describe what I did:

In the morning me and some other participants went to Yodobashi, a store that sells all kinds of electronic stuff. No one really bought anything but it was fun to look around. After meeting up there we went to Spa-world. Spa-world is the largest Onsen (Hot spring) in Suita. We planned on staying there for 2 hours but ended up staying for 4. This basically happened because we discovered a floor with slides and pools. We completely forgot to watch the time after that. After that we were all pretty hungry so we decided to eat dinner at a special restaurant that serves VERY large portions. We got a gigantic Yakisoba (noodles) plate for 10 people so you better believe we all were very full after that meal. Then we walked around in Osaka downtown for a while until we finally spontaneously decided to go to Karaoke where we had a lot of fun. Sadly my throat started hurting a lot after singing the rock version of jingle bells. But it was worth it.

This basically sums up my personal day.

Magnus Krumbacher, Norway

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