Personal day in Tama

Buddha statue in Amakura
Buddha statue in Amakura

We met up with the students at 10:00 am. They were more than we expected. At first we took the train to a temple, but because a delay earlier, we had to cancel this and move on to Kamakura. A little sad, because the temple looked really beautiful.

We continued our long train ride to the Buddha statue. The actual train ride was very nice, since it was very relaxed and we had time to just sit down and talk with the other students and to get to know them better. After visiting the Buddha statue we had some delicious ice cream, but then we had to head back already because the day was nearing its end.

On the way back we watched the sea as it passed by the windows of the train. It was more beautiful than we had imagined and was a good end to the day.

Paul Svensson, Sweden, and Josh Corder, UK

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