“Oishikuna-re moe moe tiri tiri tiri tiri!”

Learning from Okonomiyaki Chef

This is a word we learned that roughly means “Please be (so) delicious!” in English. The chant was very popular among World Campus International members, so we often said it to our food before eating. In Hiroshima, we learned how to cook the special ‘Hiroshima Okonomiyaki’. The ingredients included cabbage, eggs and meat. The chef told us there is no way we can make a mistake during cooking. For example, if the base of the Okonomiyaki dough tore, it can be easily fixed by adding more batter. After having fun cooking, we enjoyed our tasty masterpiece for lunch.

Next, we went to Miyajima, a World Heritage Site. It is famous because of the Itsukushima Shrine and the humungous orange gate in the sea. People say that a god protects the island of Miyajima. We hung around there, browsing the many interesting shops and taking many beautiful pictures. It was so much fun!

(Nozomi Mizukami, Japan)

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