Meeting the host families

The first day of World Campus Japan! Yesterday on the plane the Japanese people spoke to me a lot, super nice. Everyone helped me find the right bus at the airport and everything. I met the other members today; they all look like awesome people to me. When we met our host families, the first thing my host mom said to me that I should call here Okaasan (mother in Japanese). Yuka, my host sister of 23 years old, was there as well. Otoosan (father) is somewhere in his seventies, really old, and really funny. When I told them I loved edamame, they immediately bought me heaps of it. We went to the gym, where we met a lot of cute grandma’s. Everyone kept telling me that my Japanese was very good and that I was cute. One of the old ladies even hugged me. Next to all this, they gave me a lot of sweets and food.

Tonight I ate so much delicious food, and I even managed to eat with chopsticks. Apparently there are three families living in my house. I was shocked when I first heard it, but I am really happy to get to know a lot of new people. Something that pleases me a lot is the fact that I can get by very well with my level of Japanese. It actually surprised me a bit. Sometimes we use some English words, and if necessary, we have a dictionary.

Tomorrow is the first activity day, and I am looking really forward to. But now I am really tired from all the travelling!

Jessica (Belgium)

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