Meet Yuki Yoshida!

Meet Yuki Yoshida!

Hello everyone!

It’s summer vacation for me from college life in Vermont, USA. I’m home in Tokyo, taking this opportunity to spend time with my much-missed friends and family, and to savor all those things I missed about Japan.

Even though a native, I find that learning about my culture is an endless and evermore exciting process of new discoveries. It’s been great, and as my joy builds up, so does my excitement for sharing this experience.

You might have guessed already at my fascination for different cultures. I love immersing myself in their colors and viewing life through their hues. Even a day with people I’ve known for years can bring in a fresh perspective. Living with host families and touring with each of you will surely be an enlightening summer!

I can’t wait for our tour together, and I look forward to meeting each of you. Have a safe trip!

(Yuki Yoshida – Public Relations Assistant in the June – Aug. 08 Road Team)

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