Meet Yui Mihara 2012 in Japan



My name is Yui and I will be one of the Japanese staff members for the World Campus – Japan program. I’m from Suita, Osaka, where we value food, sense of humor and some of you may recognize the distinguished accent we have when you visit this summer.

I’ve been involved in different organizations for more than a decade where people from around the world come together, work together and learn together. I truly enjoy working internationally where the different values and cultures meet and enjoy working with youth to guide their growth. It would be something I would love to continue pursuing in my life.

Currently I live in Sweden and I’m really getting into their life style, ideas and reasons behind why people celebrate certain things and act in certain way. Your Japanese host families would for sure be a big part of your experience in the program to give you the deep aspects of our culture.

Traveling, spending time in the nature, dance and art are crucial for me and what I value in my life. I enjoy meeting new people and love the moments when we find some connection or some inspiration through conversation we carry or experience we share.

Welcome to Japan!
I can’t wait to meet you and can’t be more excited to think how this experience will spark your eyes!

See you very soon!

Yui Mihara

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