Meet Simon Presley, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan 2015 Program!

Simon Presley

Hello Everyone!

My name is Simon Presley, I’m 24 years old, from Roskilde in Denmark. My mother is Danish, and my father is American- hence the somewhat unusual surname (and yes, I get singing requests all the time- even though I’m terrible at it!). I have a bachelor degree in Global Studies and Communication from Roskilde University. In addition to that, I have also been studying Japanese at a Copenhagen language school for a few years. My interest in Japan started the same way it probably has for many others: video games and manga!

The photo is me wearing the World Campus – Japan (WCJ) wristband we got at the end of my session. My first experience with WCJ and Japan itself was 2 years ago, when I joined the WCJ program for 2 weeks, with fellow counselor Espen being one of my fellow participants. As someone for whom travelling with WCJ was also my first time in Japan ever, I can tell you that WCJ provides an excellent introduction to the country and its incredibly kind people. You’ll get to experience Japan in a way that very few foreign visitors do. After I travelled with WCJ, I also travelled on my own for a couple of weeks, and while I had a great time, it did still nonetheless allow me to truly appreciate how unique the WCJ experience is.

Whether you’re someone who’s fluent in Japanese- or barely speak any, like me 2 years ago- one thing that’ll probably surprise you is how quickly you’ll begin to form a bond with your host families. You’d be amazed at just how much you can share with a person even if you don’t speak the same language (tip: pictures from home are your friend!). You’ll also be forming a bond with your fellow WCJ participants as well of course. By the time it’s all over, you’ll have made a lot of new friends!

The counselors were a big part of what made my WCJ experience such a great one, so I very much hope that I can play that kind of role in your experience as well. I will certainly be doing my best to make it so! You have a question or a problem you need help with? Come to me- and I’ll help you just like I was helped myself.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in Japan!

Best regards,

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