Meet Jurriën 2012 in Japan



I am Jurriën, one of the program counselors of this year World Campus – Japan program. I live in Leiden, one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands. The problem is… there are so many beautiful cities, mountains, forests, seas, animals, people and cultures all over the world. For me Japan is one of the places that has a lot of these things and, from my own experiences as a participant last year, I know that world campus is a program that is guaranteed to show me Japan in most of it’s beauty.

While it’s true that I’m living in Leiden right now, it is not the place I’m originally from. I actually came from Noord-Brabant, a province in the south but came to live in Leiden for study purposes. The oldest University in the Netherlands is Leiden University and It’s the only University in The Netherlands where you can do “Japan studies (日本学)”. I am currently in our second year studying Japanese and I’m still enjoying it! I’m still not quite sure why I came to study it, for my entire youth I had been more interested in science, and pretty much only took science classes in high school, but It’s probably because I got to hear, read and see a lot about Japan and got to love the country so much.

I must say that I was really lucky to be born to parents who really love traveling themselves. Because of this I have traveled to many countries and have seen a lot of places and met a lot of people from other cultures throughout the world. Meeting people and learning about our differences and similarities. This is what I’ve always liked and it is one more reason why world campus is perfect for me. Ok guys, enough about me… It’s time I meet you all this summer and learn about your cultures and what you like about Japan!

Houdoe (Dutch for bye),

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