Meet Iris Spruit 2012 in Japan

Iris Spruit

Hi everyone!

My name is Iris Spruit and I’m from the Netherlands. I will be a program counselor this summer and I’m very excited to be part of the staff this year. We will do our best to make your experience in this year’s world campus unforgettable.

I have a great interest in Japan and its culture and that is why I’m studying Japanese at Leiden University. In addition, I started studying psychology this year, just because I am interested in people and how the mind works. I really enjoy my studies and my life in Leiden.

It is a huge opportunity for me to be a program counselor this year. It helps me with my study and since last year was so much fun and a brilliant experience I decided to return back to the program. I’m really excited to get to know new people and to learn more about different cultures. It’s going to be a great summer.

Can’t wait to meet you all,


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