Meet Henning Rodtwitt!

Meet Henning Rodtwitt!So here I am, once again there are only a few weeks left before I’m in Japan. While I’m packing my bags, there are a lot of thoughts running through my mind.

I’ll be moving in with a family I’ve never met before, hanging out with complete strangers and not speak Norwegian for at least two months.

Why is it that this is so appealing?

To me, it’s definitely the opportunity to learn more about all these people. It is true, they all start out as strangers, but it does not take long before they’re all family. I get to learn so much about my host familyʼs views on many things. Political issues being different in Japan is a given, but one can assume at least the food would be basically the same. But sometimes, they are a lot more different than anything else. The food is still very new to me. And half the time, even though I have no clue what I’m eating, it’s just so good. Sometimes it turns out to be made from something we regularly throw away in Norway. (like a dressing; made from fish skin)

And of course, I look forward to meeting the participants and staff as well. The learning opportunities are almost infinite. It’s a great feeling as I close my bag, packing much less than last time. When I come home, there will not only be memories and knowledge with me, but also souvenirs and clothes from this awesome culture. I can not wait!

(Henning Rodtwitt – Production Assistant in the June – Aug. 08 Road Team)

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