Meet Dennis Xu!

Meet Dennis Xu!Honestly I’m not a person who is crazy about traveling around the world. But Japan is a special place I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. I am always asked what the main reason is for going to Japan and why I am so interested in this country.

I guess it’s probably because I was affected by “Animation” since I was a little kid. From then on I started to be interested in Japanese culture and its language. I never thought I could have my dream come true before I joined the World Campus International Japan program. Basically it is quite easy to get a couple of days travel to the place you are interested in, but when I joined this program I got something different. I do appreciate WCI makes this special tour for people. I got a great chance to learn not only Japanese culture but also sharing things and ideas with people from all over the world.

Summer is not my favorite season; it rains all the time and is severely humid with few fine days. We may have weather challenges during event or activity arrangements. But I’m coming back for this summer program to be part of an excellent team there. They are passionate, enthusiastic and creative. I do believe we can conquer any problems and make this program successful.

See you there guys!

(Dennis Xu – Education Assistant in the June – Aug. 08 Road Team)

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