Meet Amalie Holst Nielsen in World Campus – Japan Program 2014!

Amalie Holst NielsenMy name is Amalie Holst Nielsen I am 23 years old and from Denmark.

Currently, I am studying International development studies and Business Studies at Roskilde University, where the main way to study is by working in groups. Through my experience in group work, it has taught me the importance of cooperation, compromise and what can be achieved by working together.

Cultural studies and voluntary work have always interested me and have a big influence over the choices that I make in life. For these reasons I travelled with the development organization Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke to Kenya in 2009 and Israel and Palestine in 2012. Through these travels I gained a lot of experience in international group work, and discovered the importance of cultural exchange, which are some of my main interests.

After hearing Hiro-san giving a lecture at my university on World Campus International, I joined the program last summer, where we were able to see a more authentic side of Japan, than you would be given as a tourist, by being invited into people’s home and through local interaction, which proved to be an incredible experience and very learning.

After this trip I was convinced that WCI is an organization that I was very interested to be involved in, in order to be able to give others the same unique experience of Japan that I had been given last summer.

Looking forward to see you in Japan!

Best regards

Amalie Holst Nielsen (Denmark)

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