Making obento and cutting bamboo

Date of activity: July 17th

This day was sunny and hot in Suita City. We all have had different experiences with our host families during the week and also different transportation experiences. Some of us are driven to the facility, some of us ride the train, some of us walk a little and some of us walk a lot.

Anyway, we started the day by having a morning meeting, and then we started preparing Japanese lunch-boxes or ‘Obento’.

These boxes are what people take to their jobs or different activities, but they have become almost a work of art!

Bamboo and Obento

You can make cartoon characters with your rice, or make little sausages look like octopus, wrap cheese like if it was candy, it’s so crazy! But it was really fun.
After that, we took the train to a park where there is a small Bamboo forest area.

Bamboo and Obento

We met up with some local volunteers that take care of the area, cut the bamboo, take out the weeds, and keep it clean. I learned that bamboo, when it’s starting to grow, can grow up to 50cms in one night! I have also learned, here in Japan, that you can eat Bamboo! It’s quite delicious.

We got to experience cutting down bamboo trees and also make our own bamboo footrests. Another unique experience! Keep the fun coming!

Paulina – Mexico

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