Learning the Ways of Kyudo

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Hello everyone,

This is Burcu and I’m supposed to tell you about our “kyudo” experience in Omura city. Maybe you are curious about what “kyudo” is, so I’m not making you wait anymore. “Kyudo” is a Japanese sport which you’re trying to shoot a target with an arrow by using a special – and very cool – Japanese bow. You also need to wear these special clothes with the lovely gloves. Actually I fell in love with the gloves. I asked the masters to give me one but they said, “No.” 🙁

The key point of “kyudo” is the moment when you take your perfect (!) position and hold for a while before you release the arrow. Traditionally you have to wait until you feel that you are perfect and ready to release.

So at the end of the day, we were all so relaxed and most of us including me hit the targets! It feels wonderful when you it hits the mark. And Nozomi beat Jake in a match.

Guess what, we also got these beautiful money pouches as presents. They were handmade and so cute! But as the final and most important issue, we had lots of fun as usual. Lots and lots of thanks to our “kyudo” masters who were so nice to us, the Up with Omura members, and our wonderful team.

Burcu Tepik (Turkey)

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  1. Hey Guang! It’s the moment we hold. Not the movement boy… Why did you changed it??? =((

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