Kayaze elementary school day5 Omura

Kayaze Elementary School

Class in Kayaze day5  Omura
Class in Kayaze, Omura

Ok, so today was fun, but so, so, tiring. The principal of Kayaze elementary school as well as the teachers were so nice to invite World Campus International Japan to experience a day in the life of a young Japanese student and I was lucky enough to together with Krysta and join the youngest of them all; the ichinensei, the first graders. After a demonstration of the daily agenda by the student in charge of the day, it was time for us to introduce ourselves and where we came from, and some eyes widened when they realized how far we had traveled.

When it comes to the lesson itself, math was on the menu at first and the teacher demonstrated some addition as well as the implementation of counters in the answer. I can honestly say that as a ichinensei myself, but as a university student, I felt at least at par with the kids. When the first break came I was glad that Mr. Nishimura had warned us beforehand, since suddenly we were surrounded by a rough dozen of half sized people who wanted to talk and play with us.

And so on did the rest of the day go, and I can honestly say that I have found a new respect for elementary school teachers whom with strength, kindness and patience, all out of this world qualities, guide the students through subjects. Their only proper break was during the lunch hours when the students themselves did their best to defeat the WCJ participants in the sun with games like dodge ball. And they certainly did.

I just want end with a big thank you to the principal, the teachers and the students for welcoming strangers to their school and sharing a piece of their lives. I am really glad to have experienced this and I will most likely treasure this experience for at least a dozen decades. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Daniel Solvold, Sweden

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