Interaction with Baby Boomers of Tama City

Gaby in Yukata

Today, we went to Parthenon Tama to have a potluck party with the TIC members.

After getting to know each other over lunch, the TIC members showed us the traditional activities of Japan. We partook in Shogi, Igo, Soroban, Koma-mawashi, Origami, Sado, Bozu-mekuri, Furoshiki and wearing yukata. I was so happy to have the chance to wear a yukata. It is complicated to wear, but I was very excited and it was so beautiful.

Afterward, I played with a Koma-mawashi, which is spinning a top afterward. A nice gentleman gave me great details on how to spin the top, but I failed six times. All the people felt pity for us, but when I finally accomplished my goal, everyone became happy and cheered! I really enjoyed the cordial atmosphere. Lastly, the baby boomers invited me to play the Bozu-mekuri (Japanese traditional card game), It is similar to one of the Chinese card game, you will never know if you will win or lose the game till the end. I was happy to be with TIC to experience such a joyful time.

(Xury Pan, China)

Bon Odori with Baby Boomers
Interaction Day with Baby Boomers
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