Interaction at YUIPIA

This day didn’t quite turn out like I expected. The schedule said that we were to have ‘interaction’ with local people and students. These students included primary and secondary school students. I remember thinking about what in the world was I supposed to talk about with primary school students? It turned out that the interaction was mostly playing games. Not just with the little kids, but also older children, students and volunteers.

There were five main games, and I played them all, except for igo. It looks a bit like chess. I tried to watch a learn how it is played, but even with Julian’s generous assistance, I couldn’t make sense of it. The other games were fun. I liked Wii Sports, but “Superball” (fishing little balls out of the water with a little paper strung in a hoop) was pretty difficult. The other games, pet bottle bowling and darts were really fun. Hiroko and Noel, who were volunteering, taught us a Japanese card game called Babanuki (literally: ‘without joker’). I want to play it again. For lunch we made takoyaki (although without octopus) and onigiri (rice balls).

A special thanks to Naoto, Shuuto and all the other people who worked on this day. You made this day so memorable!

Karo Kankus (Finland)

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