Host family day with my father Shuhei

Universal st entrance

Day of activity: July 5th 2015

So, we decided to go to Universal Studios Japan and see the Harry Potter attraction there.

We arrived at Universal Studios and looked nice, but there was so many people there taking a lot of pictures. We lined up to buy tickets for the Harry Potter area. It took 30 minutes, and the tickets said that we could only enter the Harry Potter area between 12:40 and 13:40. So we walked around and explored everything else since there was still time. Later, I saw there was a Resident Evil game, so we went to get tickets for that too, and got tickets for the last round that day- Lucky! Then it was time to line up for the Harry Potter area. The line was 2 hours long. After that, we waited 3 hours to get onto the Harry Potter roller coaster. We were put firmly into our seats and given 3D glasses.

My host dad said it’s okay to scream. During the ride, you ‘fly’ on your ‘broom’ through a castle while there are 3D effects that you can see through your glasses. It was so awesome, and totally worth waiting for in the line! We both enjoyed it a lot.

After that we left the park, and I bought some presents for my family, including a Hard Rock t-shirt and a one piece key chain.
It was an awesome experience, and I would recommend anyone to visit Universal Studios Japan if they have the chance.

Daniel Gallion (Luxembourg)

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