Host family day in Toride

Day of activity: July 26th 2015

Today I went with my host family, the Ishikawas, for the Tokyo tower where there was a One Piece event. I went with my host mother Hitomi, and then we met up with the daughter Chiemi. Together we entered a dark hallway with interactive pages from the manga, lots of amazing statues of the characters, and cool obstacle courses- such as: Usopp’s slingshot challenge, Naomi’s casino, and lots of even cooler stuff. There was even a live show and animation only available there. We had a lot of fun together! We took lots of pictures and really bonded. At one point I lost my ticket in there and couldn’t do the obstacle courses, but the staff quickly fixed it and gave me a substitute. Since I’m a vegetarian, the host family even asked the restaurant we ate at if they had something for me, and fixed the food for me. We also visited a temple, saw part of a ceremony there, and the ringing of the bell!
My absolutely amazing host family brought me with them and showed me an amazing time. Truly, I was happy.

Brage Wik Reien (Norway)

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