Host family day in Arao

host family day in Arao

host family day in Arao

Day of activity: June 22nd 2014

For our host family day in Arao, my room mate and I went to Yanegawa with our host family. Yanegawa is famous for it’s beautiful river, and we had the pleasure of being able to ride a guided tour through the river. Although the guide was speaking in Japanese, which is not one of my strong sides, the ride was still very much entertaining. The guide was throwing jokes, singing us songs, and was welcoming enough to let us try to steer the boat, something that turned out to be incredibly difficult. The view of the river was fantastic – there was beautiful trees and flowers along the rivers edge, the river itself was filled with turtles, and the air was full of butterflies. Every now and then, our boat had to go beneath a bridge, however the water level of the river was very high due to the rainy season, so we all had to take cover to avoid our heads from hitting the bridges. In the evening we went to a restaurant where we enjoyed unagi (grilled eel). It was, like most Japanese food, very delicious. The day was all great fun, and I’m very glad I got to experience this with my host family!

Joakim (Norway)

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