Gate Ball and the Arigatou event of Uda 2012

Date of activity: July 23rd

Hot morning! It was a relief to spend it inside in the somewhat cool Yamanami dome. There we met with an energetic group of elderly people who were going to teach us how to play Gate ball. In short, Gate ball is a mix of Cricket and Golf, and it was invented in Japan. The World Campus International group was divided into two and then each group into three teams. The teams alternated playing against each other. The excitement – and the team spirit – rose rapidly every time someone managed to hit the wooden ball through the small loop in the ground. Apparently we are quite a competitive group.

Uda arigatou event 2012

Since today was the last day of session 3, we had a wrap-up of the session after playing Gate ball and eating lunch. It was nice and sad at the same time seeing the participants who were leaving, receive their diploma and a picture and card that we all had signed. Then suddenly, it was time for the Arigatou Event again. Since it was my turn to take care of the World Campus International merchandise booth and take pictures, I didn’t participate in the event. However, it was fun being able to see all my friends and fellow staff members dance and sing and have a great time performing. I really wanted to run onto the stage and join them! The event went well, and the host families enjoyed themselves a lot. I think it was a great end to a great session.

(Torunn Olsen, Norway)

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