First Activity Day in Omuta (Fukuoka)

First Activity Day in Omuta (Fukuoka)

First Activity Day in Omuta (Fukuoka)

Day of activity: June 28th 2014

After the morning meeting everyone is eager to have the first activity of the day. We meet up with local kids and a lot of host families did also bring their host kids to. Two of my host kids, Goten and Mone, are also there as the host father Takamitsu did bring them with me to the meeting place the Miike community centre.

The LOC and some people from the community centre introduce us to the games the kids play there twice a month; most games are popular in rain the season (Tsuyu). Karuta, Origami, Takeuma and Otedama ohajiki Ayatori.

My host kids did play catch and run and with balloons and did juggling with small balls. I was invited to do some Origami a Crane and Kabuto (Samurai Helmet).
After that we had a lunch break, we had yummy curry rice.

In the afternoon we had a lecture about the history of Omuta, that it was a coal mine town and very important to the development of modern Japan since the edo period. The 4 local people explaining about it did focus in relationship and community building and not so much on the facts when did what happen.

They were also very interested if someone did come from a country where mining was important so I did speak up and told them about Luxembourg how it was also a country which got developed because we had some iron mines and that my grandfather did work in an iron mine but had to retire early due to dust lungs.

We did also sing 3 songs together that were songs that were written to uplift the spirits of the miners from this town. They told us we should visit the Coal Museum or some of the sites if we have time, which I will do when it is host family day is my host family lives 1 minute away from one of the mining sites, I can see the site from the house which is quite cool.

It was interesting to hear them telling so much about the city and being passionate about its history.

Daniel (Luxembourg)

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