Excited Norwegian Participants!

Norwegians participants

Greetings from Norway! We are Torunn and Ola, and we are going to Japan with WCI this summer! Well then, here comes the question that some of you must be dying to ask:“Why do you want to participate in this programme?” Why, an excellent question! To put it simply, we want to experience Japanese culture in from a different point of view. One can, of course, experience Japanese culture as a regular tourist. Yet, to be able to see a culture from within, one has to live it, feel it. By participating in this programme, we can live with regular Japanese families and participate in their daily lives in a way which would have been nearly impossible as a regular tourist. Besides, we want to have fun! There would be no reason to apply if we thought this trip would be boring, now would there? So, if you want to experience Japanese culture from within and have a great time, you should apply for the WCI programme in Japan.

We’ll be seeing you!

Torunn and Ola

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