Crafts Making Day and Good-bye Party in Mito!

Cooking for Goodbye Party
Ashwin's Birthday

For the last activity day in Mito, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) threw a goodbye party for the World Campus International members. Some of us were cooking meals from our countries, and some of us were partaking in Japanese arts and crafts, including making “misanga”, a braided bracelet or anklet worn for good luck, cell phone charms, a memo holder, and newspaper flower corsages.

As part of the cooking group, I was in the kitchen, with some of the LOC and Ibaraki University students. I was making Coca Cola Chicken (that’s right – Coca Cola) as a sous chef, and other dishes included Pasta Penne with mushroom/spinach/chicken sauce, a beef-noodle dish (mushy but yummy), Berthalina from Mexico made guacamole and salsa as dips for tortilla chips. Lastly, the LOC made chicken curry for our potluck.

Of course, everything turned out really delicious, and by noon we were ready to kick off the party. It was really cool to see everybody having fun and eating and shouting “Oishii!” everywhere, that was a nice way to say thank you to the host families. Afterward all of the host families presented a homemade sign with some personal writings on them, it was very touching. We also celebrated Ashwin’s (Holland) birthday (21! Congrats!). The day ended with a discussion among WCI members about stereotypes.

It was a great day! I went home completely exhausted, and now I’m ready for the next two more personal days (I’m going to the beach! :D)

(Maria Lisberg, Denmark)

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