CEO’s March 2010 visit to the Nordic countries

World Campus International, Inc. CEO, Hiro Nishimura visited Copenhagen University, Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde University in Denmark from March 1 to March 3, 2010. He continued to Finland to visit Itäkeskuksen Lukio, Helsingin Kuvataidelukio and Helsingin Yhtenäiskoulu in Helsinki from March 4 to March 6, 2010.

Roskilde University

Hiro Nishimura presented WC-J Program to Roskilde university students

Copenhagen University

World Campus – Japan Program Alumni, Lily Ha (Summer’08) and Torsten Sigvertsen (Summer’09) arranged a WC-J Program Presentation to their follow students @ Copenhagen University

Hiro met with Lisbeth Clausen

Hiro met with Lisbeth Clausen, Associate Professor, PhD, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School

University of Roskilde

University of Roskilde

Christian Damgaard (Summer’08 alumnus) and Danni Nielsen (Danish enrollment counselor) presented WC-J program to their fellow students at University of Roskilde

Itäkeskuksen lukio

Itäkeskuksen lukio

WC-J Program Presentation in the Japanese Class @ Itäkeskuksen lukio

Ms. Kaija Kumpukallio

Ms. Kaija Kumpukallio, the Guidance Counselor of Itäkeskuksen Lukio

Ms. Krista Kindt-Sarojärvi

Ms. Krista Kindt-Sarojärvi, the Vice Principal of Helsingin Yhtenäiskoulu

Helsingin Kuvataidelukio

WC-J Presentation to the interested students @ Helsingin Kuvataidelukio

Ms. Sari Vahtera

Ms. Sari Vahtera, the Guidance Counselor of Helsingin Kuvataidelukio

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