Aloha at the beach!

Host Brother at the beach

Continuing with our stay in Mito, this time we had a host family day and my host family took me to the beach, some other friends from World Campus – Japan also joined us there. It was an amazing day, sunny and hot. The water was just beautiful and a lot of people were there.

Of course, as always in Japan, you always find things that you never imagined to find at places. This day at the beach we joined a Hula class. Yes, Hula. A group from Japan teaches small, simple dances to everyone who wants to join and all of us decided to join their class. As i said, “you always find things you never imagined to find”… there was a Viking. A Viking, dancing and enjoying his hula class. He was so funny and his energy was so good to have around.

On days like this I thank my life for the random opportunities I’ve had and for the chance to be part of World Campus – Japan, a program that not only teaches you about the “normal” aspects of the japanese culture but also gives you the chance to see things like i saw and experience that day at the beach.

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