A Touching Experience at the Hiroshima Peace Museum

Hiroshima Survivor Speech

One month ago, World Campus International went to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and listened to a speech from one of the survivors, Mr. Katsuji Yoshida. For all of us, that experience was very emotional and meaningful. When we were in the Hiroshima Peace Museum, Mr. Kasufumi Shintaku, who is a survivor of the A-bomb on August 6th, also shared his personal memories with us.

More than 60 years has passed since the end of the second World War. When I stood at the hypocenter in Hiroshima, in the very place where the bomb dropped, I felt that history was so close, yet so far away. Looking around the area, Hiroshima existed under the bright summer sunshine and I could not imagine that this was the place that an A-bomb nearly destroyed… The colorful tiny paper cranes surrounding the monument were a sign telling us that people have never forgotten the horrible tragedy.

When Mr. Shintaku shared his memories with us, we saw the cruel picture after the bomb dropped. We heard about a little child who cried for her parents, we felt the helplessness of the citizens and we all cried. I remember the sentence Mr. Yoshida wrote to us in the Nagasaki Museum, “The basis of peace is for people to understand the pain of others”. I believe that anyone who has the same chance to hear such a personal painful recollection will realize how important peace is and will put forth their best effort to never let that same tragedy happen again.

(Zuxin Hou, China)

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