A message from the Takeshi Tsubata – Host Family in Abiko

host families bonding

saying goodbye

difficult goodbyes

This was my third time as a host family for World Campus – Japan. Their visit here in Abiko was 10 days and the time spent with them passed by very quickly.

I learned lots of things throughout this program even though it was my third time. What the members of WCI left for us was “Kizuna”, or a meaningful bond. It is also an original song written for WCI, which is sang by all the members.

After seeing off the bus which members were on, the host families in Abiko were still there, not wanting to leave. Later on, many host families started to say to each other “let’s meet again!”, “let’s set a time to discuss our feedback of this program”, “please come and visit my house!” and so on. We had a great time with the WCI members but we also had a chance to get to know other host families. And this was a valuable as well as meaningful opportunity for me.

Because of this program, I would like to reconsider my perception of my city again. I believe I can find something new in this city, and I am so excited now.

Takeshi Tsubata (Abiko host family)

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