Host family day in Toride

Day of activity: July 26th 2015

Today I went with my host family, the Ishikawas, for the Tokyo tower where there was a One Piece event. I went with my host mother Hitomi, and then we met up with the daughter Chiemi. Together we entered a dark hallway with interactive pages from the manga, lots of amazing statues of the characters, and cool obstacle courses- such as: Usopp’s slingshot challenge, Naomi’s casino, and lots of even cooler stuff. There was even a live show and animation only available there. We had a lot of fun together! We took lots of pictures and really bonded. At one point I lost my ticket in there and couldn’t do the obstacle courses, but the staff quickly fixed it and gave me a substitute. Since I’m a vegetarian, the host family even asked the restaurant we ate at if they had something for me, and fixed the food for me. We also visited a temple, saw part of a ceremony there, and the ringing of the bell!
My absolutely amazing host family brought me with them and showed me an amazing time. Truly, I was happy.

Brage Wik Reien (Norway)

Toride City – Cooking & Kites

Kite making in Toride

Day of activity: July 25th 2015

Today was a lot of fun. I’m bad at taking buses, but I had to. I missed it and I got driven to the meeting point instead. We met at Katarai No Sato. I was happy to see everyone, and we made our daily talk round. Some of the staff told us about a strange guy doing tricks with his diabolo wich they saw, and I laughed a lot. After this, the LOC (Local Organizing Comittee) women showed us a short movie about Toride. It was funny, because the translation didn’t always work out like it should. Then we made our own onigiri and even though we didn’t have enough space, I liked it. Later, we made little flags; some with countries and some with motives. The host families arrived and we ate a lot of tasty food. We began to make self-made kites with drawings. We had monster, pokemon and bird groups. My monster group won. It was a great day and the food was wonderful.

Marie (France)