Japanese Medley

Video: Medley Arao

Our “Arigato Event” had a few interesting elements. One of the most challenging parts of our event was a section intended to entertain the audience with some of Japan’s most famous songs and dances. When our summer program began, the participants had no idea what they were in for. In a 9 hour block of time they had to learn all the songs and movements for the entire event. This video clip is from our event in Arao. Everyone involved in the summer tour worked as hard as they could to ensure that each event was at the highest possible quality. Most of the movements came from music videos of the songs as performed by the original artists. Enjoy!!!

World Campus International starts working with “Study Abroad” students

AsiaLearn '09: Group at Kumamoto Castle

AsiaLearn '09: Challenge for Soba Noodle Making

AsiaLearn '09: My Family in Japan

World Campus International, Inc. facilitated the Cultural Bridge Program of AsiaLearn, the North American based marketing company from September 12 thru 15. The three American and one German university students, who are enrolling to the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Japan, had a smooth and fun entrée to Japan by experiencing home stay, historical site visits, and Japanese Soba making, and training on how to work with the Japanese culture, etc. In the short period of three days, the students gained their own families in Japan.

Our World Campus – Japan Summer 2009 version of Love Me Tender

Video: Love Me Tender


If you have been following our program or our blog, you have no doubt heard about our “Arigato Event.” Performed near the end of each of our stays, the event is a way for us to say Thank You to the communities and host families who have worked so hard to bring us into their world. These communities do most of the work needed to make World Campus International a success. In each of our events, there is a section that highlights the talents and creativity of our participants. This summer we had some members who decided that their talents went better together than on their own. Having never met before the program, these participants put a little Elvis, some Sax, a vocal rhythm track, a traditional Japanese instrument, and a world class voice together to create this amazing rendition of the classic, “Love Me Tender.”

Looking Back – Summer 2009 Program 3

WCI summer 2009 program 3 video


Even looking back on program 3 from more than a month away, I still can’t believe some of what we experienced. Each program we had to say good bye to some of the people who defined the World Campus – Japan Personality. Through our time together in each program we build bonds that are so difficult to articulate. When we loose some of the people who have become leaders within the group, we are left with a hole. AND… at the beginning of program 3 we found ourselves, once again, looking to fill the voids left by those who could not stay. Then the program began. We welcomed the new participants and amazingly, within 48 hours, the personality of our group evolved. Though the void left by the old group could not be filled, our program 3 group was as complete a team as there could be. The new puzzle fit together to make a unique and extraordinary picture of how cross culturalal cooperation can really make an impact. Program 3 participants saw the Nagasaki Peace Museum, Storks Cradle, Kumamoto Castle, Manda Mine, and an Okonomiaki Sauce factory. Take a look for yourself and see World Campus – Japan as we see it.

(Jay Kinsel, Production Manager)