Visit to Stork’s Cradle

Stork’s CradleWe are currently in Kumamoto City and had the chance to visit the first and only Stork’s Cradle in Japan at Jikei Hospital. The Stork’s Cradle is a hatch at the hospital where you may leave your baby. When the door is closed, the nurse will be alerted that a baby is in the hatch and takes care of it. The baby hatch offers parents the possibility to give away their child anonymously.

There are supporters and opponents to the baby hatch. We had the chance to meet the founder of this program in person and were able to ask questions and to listen to his thoughts on this project.

I am convinced that giving a child away is not an easy decision for any parent. If you place your child in the hatch, you certainly have your reasons for that. And I am sure the parents do this to give the child a far better life than they ever could. I learned that it is not the best option to give the child away anonymously, but that it is an acceptable way to save the lives of babies. When you do not know the reason why the parents gave it away, you should not judge them. Just like you and I, every other human has the right to live.

(Sophia Potter, Germany)

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One thought on “Visit to Stork’s Cradle”

  1. Thank you Sophia for your nice description of Stork’s Cradle we have seen in Kumamoto city.

    During that tour, I was able to compare some experimental hatchs at Uzbek hospitals where you may leave your baby, that I have seen with the one that we have seen in Kumamoto.
    Briefly I can say that, the one we have seen in Kumamoto was much much better.

    Additionally I would advice them, followings:

    If nurses have a chanse to talk with parents….they have to explain in more details that this is not the end of the life….but still it is much better to comeback in a week or so in order to see the child…

    (1 week have to be enough for parents to understand what a child might mean)

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