“Thank-you Event” Preparations

Ponyo song and dance by Amanda

To thank the host families and the local communities, World Campus – Japan (WCJ) participants will stage a “Thank-you Event” in each city! This small gesture allows us to give a little back to the community that graciously hosted us. The musical performance not only includes English songs but also a few popular Japanese songs and dance! WCJ participants worked tirelessly for two days preparing for the big event.

Ponyo song and dance

Amanda S. (Indonesia) is practicing her solo in the famous “Ponyo” song from the popular Miyazaki film. This children song also includes an amusing dance!

“Ganbare Nippon”

“Ganbare Nippon”

It might look a bit strange, but “Ganbare Nippon” is guaranteed to energize the Japanese audience! Herbing (Kenya), Kyle (South Korea), and Eric (Luxembourg) are looking sharp as our superstars.

Great job everyone on the training! It was difficult, but will be worth it in the end with a great event that is good fun for all!

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