During the morning of this day we started by getting to know each other on a different way. We talked about Stereotypes.

Sometimes things that you have known all your life from someone or in this case about a country might not be real or sometimes the person from the country doesn’t even know the stereotype exist. Stereotypes are things that we think about a country, a place or a person without knowing deeply about it. Things that people talk about or things that people assume about that place, that person or that country.

Look at stereotypes as the tip of the iceberg… it is what you see but you don’t know what’s under the water, you see only a little piece of the whole iceberg, maybe is not as big as you think, maybe is bigger than you think, but you can only know if you ask questions and if you put yourself in a situation where you can talk about that “iceberg” (place, country, person, etc).

Today we talked about all those things we think about the countries represented in our group (World Campus – Japan), we learned many new things and had the chance to clarify our stereotypes about many countries.

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