Openings still Available for the Nagasaki / Kumamoto Area Spring ’09 Program!


A meeting was held on February 15th with representatives from Waseda University and Rikkyo University talking about the international World Campus – Japan experience.

WCI staff/alumni as well as other WCI supporters are planning to have an informational presentation on Feb. 28th in Tokyo. All interested JAPANESE COLLEGE STUDENTS as well as FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS in the greater Tokyo area who may still want to join the Spring ’09 program should come to the meeting to find out more. There are a couple of remaining positions to experience the beautiful Cherry blossom season for both Japanese and international people during the Easter holiday / spring break period. So whether you are currently in Japan or in places throughout the world, feel free to still apply for this fantastic program!

Our spring program starts next month, but we are open to more applications for the 3rd program in Kyushu which runs from April 12th – 26th.

Tour Highlights Include:
Omura City, Nagasaki: Participating in an unforgettable event for disabled people, visiting the world renown Atomic Bomb Museum, experiencing Japanese martial arts and more.

Kumamoto City: Visiting Japan’s first Baby Drop off post and talk about why this is controversial in Japan, learning about the impact of industrial pollution at the Minamata Disease museum, discussions with Japanese students, sightseeing Kumamoto’s famous castle and much more as well.

Interested in coming to the February 28th Informational Meeting? Please contact Yoshitaka Date at or Hideto Yasui at for more details. If you are currently outside of Japan, please contact Robert Sloat at or apply at today!

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