Looking Back – Summer 2009 Program 1

WCI summer 2009 program 1 video


Now that the 2009 summer tour is over and the blog posts are at an end, it is time to take one more look at each of our programs. We start with program 1, July 5 – July 22 in Omura and Tama. It was an intense and emotional program. We spent some time with a survivor of the atomic attack on Nagasaki, we took a day in each city to explore Japan’s education system, we were able to get to know some Japanese college students, and we saw, first hand some of the martial arts secrets of Sorinji. While everyone who was involved with World Campus International will have their own favorite moment, mine came when we visited a school for physically and mentally handicapped students. I was inspired and amazed at the strength of the students and faculty members. Take a look for yourself. This highlight video of summer 2009 program 1 will give everyone a taste of what World Campus – Japan does during our tours.

(Jay Kinsel, Production Manager)

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back – Summer 2009 Program 1”

  1. Nice job Jake! Looks like everyone had a great time. Looking forward to the other two videos for summer ’09.

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