Host family day in Uda

Day of activity: 2013 July 30th

Today was the 13th day of my stay in Japan. Our family, the Kumamoto, took me and Espen to see the Todaiji and the area around. As usual the breakfast was pretty large, meaning we had energy to spare during our touring. We went to the trainstation at morning and met up with Lisanne Pool and her host family sister, Minori Ensatsu, whom we spent the whole day with.

At first we went to see the local museum, where our host family bought both Espen and me a T-Shirt of Ashura, which I might end up wearing almost every day from now :P, and then we headed towards the Todaiji. Kenichi, our host dad, had fun taking lots of pictures showing us Hi-Five-ing the huge Buddha statue, then kept on the sightseeing. The amount of deer in that area was simply amazing, no wonder they are part of the main attraction around there, they kept on following us in groups whenever we bought something from the local shops, thinking we were going to feed them soon. After walking for a while, we decided to go up the hill, to see more of the area. Surprisingly, I met a friend from Holland there, Charissa, who was visiting Nara that day also by herself. At first I just couldn’t believe my eyes, but after a while the truth just shocked me, such coincidences actually do exist! She joined our group and we went eating flavored ice nearby. Then, while walking towards the station, we met another group of members of World Campus Japan, among whom 2 students from my same University who were also surprised to see Charissa at that place.

After a short while we split up, and our host family, Espen and I just went straight back home.

Later in the evening Lisanne and the Ensatsu family joined us for dinner, and the day ended with another big surprise, this time for Lisanne. It was a surprise birthday party (with amazingly delicious cake!), because Lisanne told her host family she would’ve spend her birthday alone in the Netherlands a month later.

So long I had lots of amazing experiences in Japan, but today was mostly filled with fun surprises 🙂

Julian van den Busken (The Netherlands)

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